Video Clips

The purpose of this section is to provide delegates with video clips and audio streams relating to relevant market topics.

Welcome Remarks from Strate
Keynote Address from the Deputy Governor of the SA Reserve Bank
Digital Trends and Implications for Financial Services
Panel Discussion: Disruptive Technologies, Big Data, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
Panel Discussion: Future of Financial Transactions and Integration – Partnerships, Design Thinking and Customer Centric Innovation
Blockchain and the Disruption of Financial Services
SA bond market to get a make-over

The South African bond market will soon get a make-over, the first in more than two decades. Next month, a new clearing and settlement system will be implemented.

Abraham Cambridge

Abraham Cambridge  establishes businesses and projects around the world that use solar energy as a means for bringing about major socio-economic shifts. 

The future of money and banking

Farzam believes that blockchain technology will be as transformative to our financial system as the internet has been to the world. 

Cyptocurrency: Central Bank & Regulation

Francisco Khoza - Head of Banking and Finance at Bowman Gilfilan

The idealism and reality of implementing Blockchain Technology - How do you get the balance right

Executive Director of Fractal Solutions, a Division of Strate (Pty) Ltd - Tanya Knowles

Strate GIBS Fintech Innovation 2017 Conference

Chris Gibbons chats to Monica Singer, CEO Strate about the upcoming Strate GIBS Fintech Innovation 2017 Conference.
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Strate extends its services to a new exchange as ZAR X

Preparatory work between Strate and ZAR X has taken place to implement a unique settlement cycle, which showcases the flexibility of Strate’s equities clearing and settlement technology to settle on any cycle that an exchange requires

20 February 2017 - Welcome ZAR X

Strate has welcomed the official go-live of South Africa’s newest bourse, ZAR X, after successfully integrating the exchange into Strate’s clearing and settlement platforms. Preparatory work between Strate and ZAR X has taken place to implement a unique settlement cycle, which showcases the flexibility of Strate’s equities clearing and settlement technology to settle on any cycle that an exchange requires. 

Strate launches it’s new brand

Strate has embarked on a new journey that will enhance its service delivery to the market, creating two new divisions, CSD Operations and Fractal Solutions. The changes in the company’s structure are needed to support a new strategy that embraces disruptive technologies and continuous evolution of our core business.

Big Issue Debate: Disruptive innovations transforming the financial services - Thursday 29 September

Since being propelled into the spotlight in 2009, the FinTech industry has grown exponentially and now stands at more 12,000 FinTech companies worldwide. 

BIg Issue Debate - Future of Money - Monday 26 September

The Future of Money session at Sibos has become the “crystal ball” identifying major disruptive trends that are likely to affect the financial services industry in coming years.

Learning from FinTech: Can we fail fast, and learn fast? - Culture - Sibos 2016

FinTech and new technologies are definitely the hot topic of the moment – and often contrasted with a view that incumbent banks are slow to innovate or change. What can be learned from FinTechs? Where have banks incorporated new agile methods of developing, testing and launching products – through accelerators, incubators and hackathons

Big Issue Debate: Cybersecurity - Catching the bad guys - Tuesday 27 September

For over a decade, cyberattacks have been increasing in number and complexity. Threats are more sophisticated than ever with highly organised and well-trained cyber criminals, prepared to play a patient long game to achieve their aims.

The spectre of cyber threats: How can the industry fight back? - Banking - Sibos 2016

The bad guys that live in the shadows are smart, well-resourced and are more focused than ever on the banking community – simply because that’s where the money is.

Big Issue Debate: Financial stability - The Future of Global Finance

Eight years on from the financial crisis and market conditions remain challenging. 

Farzam Ehsani - The Implications of Blockchain on Banking

Farzam Ehsani, Leader of Rand Merchant Bank’s ‘Blockchain’ initiative on the implications of Blockchain technologies for banking specifically

Tanya Knowles - The Potential of Blockchain

Tanya Knowles, head of Innovation and Projects at Strate, South Africa’s authorised Central Securities Depository, explains the worldwide investment in Blockchain technology and the potential reach it has.

Blockchain and the disruption of financial services

Farzam Ehsani, Leader of Rand Merchant Bank’s ‘Blockchain’ Initiative explains Bitcoin and how it differs from Blockchain