Podcasts & Interviews

The purpose of this section is to provide delegates with audio streams relating to relevant market topics.

The Virtual Reality Movement in South Africa: Being Present

Tyrone Rubin is the founder of SenseVirtual and the Virtual Reality South Africa community.

He spoke to Azania Mosaka about the commercial use of virtual reality, as well as the training and educational benefits associated with the technology.


Interview Monica Singer & Mr Nageswara Rao

Innovation in CSD space

Some of the innovations in NSDL include but are not limited to the KYC Registration System,

the Central Recordkeeping Agency for the National Pension System and a National Skills Registry.

IOSCO Podcast with Beverley Furman

Discussion of CPSS-IOSCO principles for financial market infrastructures, with Bev Furman - Head of STRATE Supervision.