Exam Guidelines

Strate academy has partnered with the South African Institute of Financial Markets (SAIFM) to provide all our examinations online. These examinations are conducted using SAIFM examination facilities which are situated throughout Southern African. Learners are afforded the opportunity to complete the exams on a date, time and location that best suits them. Examinations are in the form of multiple choice questions and learners are able to obtain their results immediately upon completion and the results are kept confidential.

For further information relating to our examinations please click here and download our comprehensive Examinations Guideline

Strate examinations through SAIFM

Strate partnered with the South African Institute of Financial Markets (SAIFM) and with effect from 1 March 2008 and offers on-line examinations through the use of SAIFM examination facilities.

For exam registration via SAIFM click here (http://saifm.co.za/strate-exams/)

Top Ten Exam preparation tips

Tested and passed; exam tips

  1. Be Specific in your Study Plan  e.g. I need to study for my compliance exams versus I need to study Equities Module 2 On-market and Off-market settlement process adopted in the Strate Equities environment.
  2. For each goal you complete, reward yourself. E.g. go out with a friend for coffee.
  3. Stay motivated; stop hating what you deem to be "the boring stuff"; not all modules will be equally interesting but they are all necessary! Reward yourself even more for completing your most dreaded modules.
  4. Learn the general concepts first, don't worry about learning the details until you have learned the main ideas.
  5. Take short breaks frequently. Your memory retains the information that you study at the beginning and the end better than what you study in the middle.
  6. Don't study later than the time you usually go to sleep, you may fall asleep or be tempted to go to sleep, instead try studying in the afternoon or early evening. If you are a morning person try studying in the morning.
  7. As silly as this may sound, don't forget to read the instructions and make sure you know what you are being asked to do.
  8. Trick or Test??? With MCQ sometimes examiners can choose the same letter successively for the correct answer. After 3-5 consecutive answers with the same letter, many students may well start to feel anxious. Trust your instincts.
  9. With multiple choice comprehension questions based on a text, a simple trick is to take obvious and prominent words from the text and put them in an incorrect option. 
  10. Finally take a break especially before the day and a few hours to your exam.