Fraud and Cybercrimes

I am grateful to Arturo del Castillo, Partner at KPMG and Mark Clancy at DTC who made these original presentations in Cancun, Mexico at the World Forum of CSDs and who have given me permission to blog and reproduce their slides. I was so taken with them, that I thought a wider audience would be interested to hear (or read) some of the highlights.
As cybercrime is just one element of fraud, lets deal with the broader aspects first. Could you spot a fraudster in your organisation? Strangely enough, they tend not to wander round with a mask, stripey jumper and bag over their shoulder marked ‘swag’. But, over the years, it clearly been possible to profile those who are statistically more likely to commit fraud. That would give some direction for a financial services organisation as to where to focus its detection resources.

Courtesy of Ross McGill/ TConsult Ltd

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